Books on Film: Watch a film and read the book that inspired it. Post a pic of them side by side. 

Bonus: tell us what part should not have been left out of the movie.

The book was way better!
The movie should not have left out Lucy’s innocent nature and Mina’s cleverness.
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We Are Okay

by Nina LaCour

Marin believes that you need a lot in life, until she just picks up and leaves for New York City without speaking to anyone. Marin is convinced that running is the only answer to a tragedy she is unwilling to face and unwilling to talk about.

We Are Okay: LaCour, Nina: Books

Now, alone in New York City, Marin realizes that she has not spoken to anyone from her hometown since she left. And although she has tried her best to forget, sometimes ignoring a situation only makes it worse.

In the cold, Marin sits alone in her dorm room, waiting for her best friend Mabel to visit her. She will finally have to confront her past and the loneliness that has made room in her heart.

We Are Okay is an emotionally intense and moving novel, and is an own voices read. With complex and introspective characters, We Are Okay will question how someone should face their own past.

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The Lost Coast

by Amy Rose Capetta

Danny has just moved to California, to get away from a town that was suffocating her and who she needed to be. While trying to find herself, Danny finds the Gray’s: a group of witches who are mysterious and are a breath of fresh air.

The Lost Coast by Amy Rose Capetta

Danny quickly finds out that she did not come to Tempest, California on her own, but was guided by a spell cast by the Gray’s. A spell to help find a missing member of their group. But Imogen isn’t missing, at least her body isn’t, and when Danny finds herself face to face with ‘Imogen’ at school she realizes that there is something wrong in the woods.

Together, The Gray’s and Danny must come together to help bring Imogen back and find their power again.

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June 15-June 20

Great Book, Bad Costume: Pose with your favourite book or the one you’re reading now. Then make a costume for one of the characters using only stuff you can find around the house!

This week I read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl. Yes, it’s a bit of a nostalgic read, but it’s really great to meet these characters again. I also forgot how much fun the story is and how different it is from the movies. Maybe I’ll re-watch those later this week too. Anyway, the book is Oshawa Public Libraries Pass the Book selection this year, that’s why I thought it would be the perfect time to read it and now I have a great idea for my costume for this challenge! Do you know who I am?

Yes, I did use Photoshop to make my face purple, but the rest is just my costume! I used an old housecoat, some pillows, a blanket, maybe even a stuffed animal or two. I could barely move, but man was it fun to dress up like a character from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!
I can’t wait to see how you dress up for this challenge!!!

Rules for Vanishing

by Kate Alice Marshall

Once a year, in a small town, a path appears in the woods and the legend of Lucy Gallows comes alive.

Rules for Vanishing by Kate Alice Marshall

It’s also been one year since the disappearance of Sara’s sister Becky, who walked into the woods to find the path and never came home. Not only is Sara struggling with the loss of her sister, but she is also suffering the loss of her friends. But, when a mass text message is sent to her high school to ‘follow the path’ Sara and her friends meet up for the first time in almost a year. They are thrown into a dangerous game of darkness and secrets, where their cameras are the only things that can offer proof of what happened.

In Rules for Vanishing, Kate Alice Marshall has created a documentary style novel, in line with The Blair Witch Project. Rules for Vanishing is an eerie and heavily atmospheric read with a great cast of characters.

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This summer we are moving online and we challenge you to meet us there! Complete weekly reading and other fun challenges, post them online and win prizes!

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The Challenges

  1. June 15-June 20

Great Book, Bad Costume: Pose with your favourite book or the one you’re reading now. Then make a costume for one of the characters using only stuff you can find around the house!

  1. June 21-27

Books on Film: Watch a film and read the book that inspired it. Post a pic of them side by side. Bonus: tell us what part should not have been left out of the movie.

  1. June 28-July 4

Tall Tails: Post a pic of you reading with your pet.

  1. July 5-July 11

Buddy System: Read the same book as a friend and post a pic of you both with the book, while practicing social distancing.

  1. July 12-July 18

Book Tasting: Recreate food or drink from a story you read and post your creation. Bonus: Let us know if it was good or not.

  1. July 19-July 25

#Shelfie: Snap a pic of your beloved bookshelf. Make it creative!

  1. July 26-August 1

Flashback: Re-read a book you loved when you were younger and share a quote.

  1. August 2-8

Genre Trekking: Read outside your regular genre. Share what your normal genre is and the new one you tried. Bonus: read while outside.

  1. August 9-15

#BookFace: Strategically line up your face or another body part alongside a book cover that features a matching body part so that there appears a melding of life and art.

  1. August 16-22

What’s Your Soundtrack?: Put together a list of songs that move you. What would your life soundtrack look like? Bonus: use Freegal, the Library’s free music streaming App.

by Stephen King

5 Stars

The Shining: King, Stephen: Books

The Shining is definitely a horror that will force you to fall back into your seat, making you not want to stop reading the book. This book is definitely not a children’s book as it has swearing, and is very scary. The Shining is a horror book about a family that moves to a hotel to take care of it and eventually goes insane. It has some suspense that gets you hooked, and there is always something happening. You will never be bored in this book, and you will want to read it over and over.   This book does get confusing in certain parts, and there are uneven transitions from scenes in the book. Sometimes this book will change between characters, and you would never know. Sometimes in this book, you will have to re-read some paragraphs to fully understand it. If you are a non-fluent reader, I would suggest not reading this book and listen to the audiobook.   I would highly recommend this book as a birthday gift to an older person that loves suspense. Although this book has certain disadvantages, this book has way more positives than disadvantages. This book was an amazing book, and I recommend it to anyone that enjoys reading. Good luck reading this book, and I hope that this review gives you enough information to properly influence your decision. 

Luke P.

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A Castle in the Clouds

by Kerstin Gier A Castle in the Clouds (9781250300195): Gier, Kerstin ...

High up in the Swiss Alps exists a marvelous hotel, where rich guests pay for extravagance and Christmas and New Years is an event to behold. When Sophie Spark signed up for her internship there, she did not expect anything but beautiful nature and maybe a kiss or two. However, when guests start arriving and weird things start happening Sophie is sure criminals from the past have resurfaced at the hotel. It will take guts, will and smarts to figure this out, and Sophie Spark has all three.

In this atmospheric and mysterious setting, Kerstin Gier has created a cast of characters that will keep you on your toes!

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by Lisa Jewel

5 Stars

Watching You by Lisa Jewell

The book Watching You by Lisa Jewell, takes a turn on many events, making this book even more suspenseful than it already is. Watching You takes on many different perspectives, making your conclusions and assumptions take a quick turn. As I was reading the book, I didn’t see many events taking place, and they were so far from what I was expecting. The book takes place in a sweet neighbourhood where everyone seems to know each other. Everyone seems to get along, but it turns out that all those secrets are kept inside.  The title “Watching You” gives the book a creepier feel to it. It’s not like other typical suspense books, and the title really owns up to the book’s plot and story. In the book, there are multiple perspectives that really make you question who the antagonist really is. Who committed this? Did this person really do this? The author really took the time to make this story and plot eventful and suspenseful. Once you pick it up, it’s hard to put it down. Throughout the story, it is filled with drama, and you start to question who is watching who?  The mystery of who the real antagonist is, who has the darkest motives, must be decided through your judgment. Is it the teacher, Tom Fitzwilliam, who seems to be getting quite the amount of attention? Is it the neighbours down the street? Maybe even the teenagers attending the school, you may never know. After all, people don’t seem as innocent as they seem. Watching You is a really good thrilling experience if you want to be immersed in something for a while. 

Rhoanne A.

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Death Prefers Blondes

by Caleb Roehrig

Death Prefers Blondes by Caleb Roehrig

Margo Manning is a socalite by day, but something very different by night. When the sun goes down, her and her heist team of drag queens race against the clock to pull off high stakes heists. They think they have their strategies down pat, until one job sends them over the edge and creates a whirl wind they have trouble escaping.

All of the sudden, all their lives are turned upside down, and they must work together to figure out how to end the threat once and for all. Behind the action, Margo is experiencing devastating grief, an absent mother and a family friend who is up to no good.

An exhilarating, genuine and action packed novel, Caleb has written a book both endearing and dangerous.

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