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Annual Writing Competition 2018 Winners

Our Annual Writing Competition for Seniors saw some amazing work in 2018. The theme was Journeys, and you can read the stories here:  

  1. A Day At The Beach by Lynn Tormey
  2. Mystery Lake by Libby Birch
  3. Journey Through Time by Marie Beck
  4. Peruvian Tipping Mysteries by Clive Lilwall
  5. Forgetfully Yours by Julie Timms
  6. A Son's Journey by Penny Fedorczenko
  7. My Heart's Journey by Louise Weir
  8. Love's Journey by Marina Ziccardi
  9. Perseverance Rewarded by Karen Whalley
  10. By Air by Justus Chania Lyunga
  11. How Did I End Up Here by Vicki Cotter
  12. Military Wife by Barbara Martin
  13. The Old Dresser 1900-1999 by Marjorie Sorrell
  14. Journeys by Calvin Perry

Seniors are invited to start working on their pieces for 2019, the theme is Harmony and is intended to showcase the writers’ unique perspective on harmony. Competition guidelines will be available in early 2019.

Mon, 01/28/2019 - 19:01
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